Movie Towne Walkover




Do you visit Movie Towne in Port of Spain before the pandemic (COVID19)?:  

Do you cross the Audrey Jeffers Highway to go to and from Movie Towne?:

If yes, how frequent do you cross the highway? : 

Do you feel safe when crossing the Audrey Jeffers Highway?:
Do you believe that there is a need for a pedestrian overpass in front of Movie Towne?:

If yes, please select why:

Would you use the Pedestrian Overpass and encourage others to use it?: 

Which of the following will deter you from using a pedestrian overpass?:

Which of the following would you prefer at the proposed Movie Towne Pedestrian Overpass?:

Should there be laybys (designated lanes to drop off & pick up passengers) along the Audrey Jeffers Highway?:

Are there any other related issues that you would like to highlight to the Ministry of Works and Transport?:

If yes, please select your response: 

Were you informed or aware that a pedestrian overpass is going to be constructed here?:

If yes, how were you made aware of the Pedestrian Overpass?: 

What is the best way to inform you about projects such as this?: