Lady Hailes Avenue and Environs

1. Are You:   

2. I have experienced some sort of inconvenience during the construction of this project.:

3. What kind of inconvenience have you been experiencing during construction?:
3. other

4. If you answered increase in traffic, please fill out the following; I experience traffic from:;   

5. Is there traffic everyday or at a certain time of the week?:

6. What is the level of traffic congestion?::   

7. At what time of day did you experience traffic congestion?:

8. I have been dealing with this inconvenience for too long:

9. I have been dealing with this inconvenience during construction for:

10. I was adequately informed about the inconvenience that will be carried out during construction:

 11. If Strongly Agree/Agree, I was able to successfully make alternative arrangements.:

 12. If Strongly Disagree/Disagree, I was greatly affected by this inconvenience how?:

 13. My Business has been greatly affected by this inconvenience:

 14. My business has been affected by:

other. 14

 15. I manage the inconvenience faced by:

 16. Did You Make a Complaint ?:

 17. If yes, I made a complaint to:

17. other

18. The Contractor/Ministry Personnel quickly addressed the issue:

19. The Issues were dealt with:

20. There are measures that could have been avoided if:

21. other