The Ministry of Works and Transport is desirous of preparing a Supplier register of Contractors/ Suppliers capable of providing categories of quality stationery and materials at competitive prices, for a period of two (2) years, in the following categories:


  1. General building works/ services/repairs
  2. Supplies (Stationery, Furniture & Consumables)
  3. Ground Maintenance services etc.
  4. Materials & Supplies to perform in-house Jobs (Plumbing works, Electrical supplies, etc.
  5. Vehicle Maintenance services and relevant supplies (Batteries, Tyres, Filters, Parts, etc.)
  6. Equipment – (Office and Minor) services
  7. ICT Services etc.
  8. Miscellaneous services

Registration forms can be  obtained  from  the Ministry’s Website: - (DOWNLOAD REGISTRATION FORM) or copies are available at the URP Office, Autorama Building, El Socorro. Completed forms are to be submitted  to  Ms.  Aretha  Williams,  Procurement  Section, URP, Autorama Building, El Socorro, during the hours  of  9:00  am  to  3:00  pm  on  or  before  January 28th, 2022 at 3:00pm.

Registration Forms must be accompanied by the following documents where applicable, which are essential for consideration for any application:

  • Completed registration form duly signed by the authorised authority
  • Certificate of Registration, Incorporation and Continuance (as applicable)
  • Valid Board of Inland Revenue Clearance Certificate
  • Valid Income Tax Clearance Certificate or letter of exemption from the Board of Inland Revenue
  • VAT Registration Certificate or Statement of Ineligibility from the Board of Inland Revenue
  • Valid Value Added Tax Clearance Certificate
  • Valid National Insurance Board Compliance Certificate or letter of exemption from the National Insurance Board
  • At least three (3) client references and contact information for major works completed within the last three years
  • Identification of the Names/Address/Contact Numbers of Directors of the Organization


The Permanent Secretary reserves the right to cancel the prequalification exercise in its entirety or even  partially,  without  defraying  any  cost   incurred   by  any  applicant   in   the   submission of his/her application.
Permanent Secretary’s` Tenders Committee January 2022

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