What We Do

The core activities of the Drainage Division entail:

This involves the constructing, re-building or altering of any controlled structure over, in or under any controlled channel in Trinidad.  It also includes alterations to the banks or beds of  controlled channel. In January 2019, ahead of the rainy season, the Drainage Division began its routine comprehensive drainage desilting programme with a target of three hundred drainage channels throughout Trinidad.

Comprehensive Drainage Desilting Programmes :  
2019  |  2018 

The Drainage Division provides advisory services to the public and other affiliated organisations on matters related to irrigation and flooding.

The Division provides responsive relief related to flooding and erosion, especially during natural disasters. As such, personnel attached to the Drainage Division provide pertinent support in providing relief to communities across Trinidad and Tobago, in the aftermath of natural disasters such as Tropical Storms and extensive rainfall, among other events that affect the free flow of drainage channels. The main responsibilities during natural disasters are as follows:

  •  Inspecting drains to detect blockages and re-establish the free flow of water
  •  Placing teams armed with  heavy machinery to desilt blocked water courses
  •  Removing debris (fallen trees and vegetation) on the road to facilitate the free flow of traffic.