MOWT Preps for the Rainy Season !

RELEASE DATE: 30 Apr 2021

Let's Work Together to Prevent Flooding Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow !

The Amphibious Multipurpose Dredger

The Ministry of Works and Transport has continued to improve its operational strategy for the Drainage Division through the use of equipment to execute its mandate. The Water Master Amphibious Dredger is the newest piece of Equipment to be procured by the Ministry, ahead of the rainy season, to complete its annual Drainage Desilting programme.

  • The ability to Self-Load/Unload
  • The ability to move on dry land, into the water and return;
  • Quick changing multiple attachments for various tasks; Excavation, Oiling, Hammering, Raking and Clamshell Operation;
  • Self Propelling in water;
  • Ability to work from Sea into Riveror River into Sea;
  • Depth Control Monitoring; and 
  • Restoring Water Water Course Capacity