What We Do

The Bridges, Landslips and Traffic Management Unit is responsible for improving the safety of the road network through focused attention on:

Bridges are important because they keep communities connected to the outside world. The Bridges Reconstruction Programme was developed for the reconstruction and improvement of approximately 62 bridges throughout Trinidad. The Programme will be executed in a number of phases, Phase I of which is currently in progress and consists of the design and reconstruction of 26 structures.

A Landslip Repair Programme (LRP) was developed to rehabilitate approximately 486 landslips across the country. Phase I of the programme began in 2012, with the award of five (5) consultancy contracts for the design of thirty-three (33) landslips identified as being most urgently in need of repair.

The Traffic Management Programme addresses the need for modern, reliable traffic management infrastructure through the installation of pavement markers, road markings, traffic signs and signals. During Phase I, thirty (30) heavily trafficked routes have been identified for improvement and designs are currently being undertaken with construction scheduled for the first quarter of the new fiscal year.