Executive Leadership

Minister of Works and Transport

Senator the Honourable Rohan Sinanan

Born in the community of Sangre Grande, Minister Sinanan entered the world of business and entrepreneurship over 36 years, eventually becoming the chief Executive Officer of a large and dynamic holdings company. In his capacity as CEO, Senator Sinanan has extensively worked in diverse areas of finance, insurance, real estate and the food industry.  His pursuit into the dynamic world of business developed as a consequence of his attentiveness in his father’s long history and career as a well know businessman in the food industry in the community.
Senator Sinanan holds an MBA in Business Administration and has served as the Deputy Chairman of the Tunapuna /Piarco Regional Corporation.  His successful career in business did not limit his passion for helping people and over the last 20 years Senator Sinanan has been involved in charities and several volunteer organizations.

Senator the Honourable Rohan Sinanan also holds substantial political experience. As a long-standing member of the People’s National Movement, he as well serves as the party’s current Deputy Political Leader.
Senator Sinanan is happily married to Pamela Ramkissoon-Sinanan, with one child.


Permanent Secretary

Mrs. Sonia Francis-Yearwood

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Works and Transport Mrs. Sonia Francis-Yearwood has over 20 years' experience, in the fields of Project Management, Project Financing, Economics and Aviation. Her project experience encompasses all areas of transport as well as road and building infrastructure.

Mrs. Francis-Yearwood holds two MBAs in Aviation Management and Implementation of Development Projects from the University of the West Indies and the University Of Manchester Institute Of Science and Technology and her expertise in the field of finance was honed through her BSc. in Economics and her ACCA Diploma in Financial Management. She has represented the Ministry of Works and Transport on several international and regional committees.

Her journey in the public service is evidence of her commitment to national service, having risen through the ranks from Planning Officer I, Project Analyst, Senior Economist, Deputy Permanent Secretary and Permanent Secretary in July 2017. Her vision is to see the Ministry of Works and Transport provide safe, high-quality infrastructure and an integrated transportation system that supports the contemporary needs of our country.


Deputy Permanent Secretary

Ms. Dhanmattee Ramdath

Deputy Permanent Secretary Ms. Dhanmattee Ramdath retains a keen interest in the enhancement of staff development and output and corporate service optimization at the Ministry of Works and Transport. 
With over 35 years of contribution to the Public Service, Ms. Ramdath began her career at the office of the Chief Personnel Officer, Personnel Department and served in the areas of financial administration, records and registry management, procurement, human resource management, policy development and project management. Additionally, Ms. Ramdath was appointed at the Judiciary (2002 to 2005), Ministry of Planning and Development (2005-2008). Ministry of Planning, Housing and the Environment (2008-2010), and the Ministry of Housing and the Environment (2010 - 2012).

During her time at the MOWT, Ms. Ramdath was responsible for overseeing the highly modernized Caroni Licensing Office. This feat included the consolidation of the former Chaguanas Licensing Office along with various services from the Port of Spain office. Caroni is now considered the headquarters of all licensing offices in Trinidad and Tobago. 

Ms. Ramdath steered the team responsible for the establishment of the Procurement Unit; a new organ of the MOWT designed to deliver a streamlined and transparent means of public spending to provide value for money on all projects. She likewise led the team that developed the major guiding policy of the 2019-2024 Strategic Plan. 

Ms. Ramdath acknowledges the hard work and dedication of her team.

Deputy Permanent Secretary

Mr. Stephen A. Abhiraj

Mr. Stephen A. Abhiraj entered the Public Service in 1990 as an Electronic Data Processing Programmer I in the Inland Revenue Division of the Ministry of Finance after several short stints in the Private Sector.

With 33 years of service in the Public Sector, Mr. Abhiraj has served in central agencies in the areas of Information Communication Technology, Human Resource Management, Financial Management and Public Administration and has also worked in line Ministries such as Agriculture, Health and National Security. His assignments required that he provide service to notable entities including the Office of the President, the Office of the Prime Minister, the Integrity Commission, the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force, the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service, two Statutory Authorities and one State Company. Mr. Abhiraj’s extensive years of experience also required him to work alongside and equally provide support to external Consultants from the Private Sector and multilateral agencies.

He holds university qualifications in Computer Studies, International Relations, Public Sector Management and Computer Science, all of which have honed his managerial skill set. 

Mr. Abhiraj believes in the oneness of mankind and that through collaboration most challenges can be overcome. He has chosen public service as the vehicle through which he will contribute to the enhancement of humanity while giving due consideration to all of creation.