Maritime Safety Tips

RELEASE DATE: 26 Mar 2020

The Maritime Services Divison of the Ministry of Works and Transport is the institution responsible for issuing safety guidelines for Party boats or Maritime vessels. As such, the MOWT is urging party goers of the following safety measures:

Ensure that the vessel is properly prepared to operate according to the laws of the Shipping Regulations.

You will find a list of fully registered vessels at the Ministry of Works and Transport’s site on the Maritime Services Division’s page 

An unregistered party boat may not have the right safety equipment to ensure that everyone on board can make it back to dry land alive. One feature of a safe party boat is the presence of lifejackets that exceed the maximum number of persons.  This precaution ensures that there are more than enough for each passenger. Lifejackets save lives by keeping you afloat in the water so that you don’t sink and drown. 

The Maritime Services Division checks all local passenger ships annually. Each year, owners must undergo inspection to renew their Passenger Ship Safety Certificate.