MOWT Disapproves of Unsanctioned Embankment Works by Residents of the New Cut Channel River

Release date: 6/19/2023

The Ministry of Works and Transport notes with concern an article published in the Trinidad Guardian on 19th June- 2023 titled “Residents discover more breaches in New Cut Channel- Disaster waiting to happen”. In the article the author highlights the efforts of private citizens to conduct repair works on the embankment of the New Cut Channel River, South Oropouche.

The Drainage Division of the Ministry of Works and Transport is cognizant of the recently breached areas on both the North and South banks of the New Cut Channel caused by heavy rainfall. As an immediate response to the flooding, which occurred on Sunday 12th June 2023, the Ministry undertook a detailed assessment of the embankment in an effort to quantify the extent of the damage and to determine a short-term and long-term solution. Additionally, surveys have been completed to effect permanent repair works. Residents are advised that the tender development process for these works is well underway, and works will commence following the completion of the procurement process.

While the Ministry empathizes with the flood victims and understands the frustration and anxiety of residents, members of the community are strongly advised to refrain from engaging in any unsanctioned repair works as an unapproved plan is likely to cause accelerated deterioration and can increase flooding in the area. Notwithstanding the urgency of the current situation, implementation of proper engineered restoration of the embankment is crucial to prevent future occurrences.

The Ministry of Works and Transport wishes to assure residents that it will continue to focus its efforts on expediting this project to provide relief to the South Oropouche community and its environs.