MOWT Clarifies its Role in the Clearing of the Concrete Base of the Roopsingh Road Bridge

Release date: 6/12/2023

The Ministry of Works and Transport would like to provide a response to recent statements made by Member of Parliament for Couva North, Mr. Ravi Ratiram, regarding the clearing of the concrete base of the Roopsing Road Bridge. In light of the MP's public statement urgently calling on Minister Sinanan to clear the collapsed base of the Roopsingh Road Bridge, it is important to clarify certain facts regarding this matter, which falls under the jurisdiction of the Couva Tabaquite Talparo Regional Corporation (CTTRC).
As the primary Government agency responsible for transportation, infrastructure development, and maintenance, the MOWT provided valuable technical assistance during the assembly of the bridge. However, it is important to note that the CTTRC is the overseeing authority for this particular structure.
To ensure the smooth progress of routine river cleaning efforts carried out by the Drainage Division, the MOWT previously advised Mr. Ravi Ratiram, the Member of Parliament that dismantling and removing the Bailey bridge was necessary to clear the rubble from the river. The CTTRC has yet to advise when this exercise can be carried out.
It is also worthy to highlight that there have been several conversations between the MOWT and the CTTRC focused on the Regional Corporation’s need and responsibility to extend and shift the bridge to facilitate the demolition of the old structure to prevent flooding in the area. Accordingly, the CTTRC was expected to establish contact with the Ministry once all the necessary equipment has been acquired.
Notwithstanding the above, the Ministry of Works and Transport remains committed to fostering collaboration and effective communication with Regional Corporations and other stakeholders. Our aim is to ensure the successful completion of infrastructure projects and the provision of essential services. We will continue to support the CTTRC's efforts in addressing the challenges posed by debris in the La Cuesa River.
A team from the Ministry of Works and Transport will meet with representatives of the CTTRC on Tuesday, June 6, 2023.