Introduction of the Online Provisional Permit System

Release date: 4/28/2023


With a continued commitment to modernizing and improving service delivery at the Licensing Division, the Ministry of Works and Transport is pleased to introduce the Online Provisional Permit System, the newest addition to our suite of online services. The public is advised that the roll-out of the online application process as the new method to apply for a Provisional Permit will take effect May 01st, 2023.

The new Online Provisional Permit System is a digital platform designed to facilitate the application process for obtaining a Provisional Permit and endorsements for vehicle classes. It allows applicants to initiate the process by uploading their biodata, supporting documents, and digitized photographs beforehand for verification by the Licensing Division. Under this new platform:

  • Users can submit their own data, reducing the possibility of errors on their electronic records.
  • The Licensing Division can verify an applicant’s information before they visit a Licensing Office.
  • The pre-approved application process will result in less wait time for Provisional Permit transactions.
  • Driving exams and regulations can now be completed at any site without written permission from the Transport Commissioner.
  • The system is simple and easy to navigate. To obtain a Provisional Permit as of May 01st, 2023 users are required to complete the following steps:
To obtain a Provisional Permit as of May 01st, 2023 users are required to complete the following steps:

1. Apply online at to create a profile and upload documents.
2. The Licensing Division will review submitted documents and provide necessary approval via email.
3. Once approval is granted, applicants must book a “Provisional Permit” appointment using the licensing appointment website -
4. On the day of the appointment, applicants are required to submit their original documents for final verification, pay fand or and collect Provisional Permit.

With the introduction of the Online Provisional Permit System, limited appointments will be made available at each Licensing Office site for in-person applications for a period of six (6) months. Within this interim period, in-person applicants must conduct all examinations (regulations and driving) at the same site that issued their Provisional Permit. Appointments for in-person applicants must be booked under the “Application for Provisional Permit – Non Online Applicants” of the “Permit Transactions” section of the appointment website

Lauding the Licensing Division's latest digital exploit, Senator the Honourable Rohan Sinanan, Minister of Works and Transport stated that,

“The new system is designed to make the application process more efficient and convenient as it eliminates the need to visit Licensing Offices physically during the initial document submittal process. The Online Provisional Permit System is an excellent initiative, and we look forward to the improved convenience it promises citizens. These strategic actions will continue to be guided by our transformation agenda which will culminate to boost service delivery for the future and benefit society at large. In the upcoming months, we anticipate the launch of at least three additional online services for Vehicle Transfers, Drivers Permit Renewals and Vehicle Registrations.”

The Ministry of Works and Transport values the crucial role played by technology in improving service delivery and remains committed to offering seamless and efficient services to all its stakeholders as it establishes its digital thrust toward the full digitalization of the national economy.