As the authority responsible for air, land and sea transportation in Trinidad and Tobago, the Ministry of Works and Transport is committed to its mandate of providing an equitable, safe and efficient mode of transportation under one legal framework.
The provision of public transport remains critical to the stability of Trinidad and Tobago as it promotes economic development and offers social opportunities.
Taxis (hired cars) play an important role in the overall transportation system of Trinidad and Tobago, as many citizens depend on this mode of travel to get to and from work, school and other places of interest that advance and enrich their lives.
To meet the demand for efficient transportation, there is always a need for a pool of qualified, safe, reliable, and honest drivers.
This H Taxi webpage will help you learn everything you need to know to become road-ready as a legitimate Taxi Driver. It will also help you understand the overall process, requirements and provide guidance to get registered.
If you enjoy driving and are looking to expand your earning potential, becoming a licensed H Taxi Driver may be right for you!