Full-time Taxi Drivers are required to work 10 hours with no more than 5½ hours consecutively with a half-hour break in-between.
Yes. Reclassification can only take place with the owner of the vehicle.
A Taxi Driver Licence and Badge is valid for a period of three years.
Hired cars are to be inspected annually.
No, it is not a requirement. But it can be an asset.
Yes. It is a two-part identification document. The Taxi badge is to be on display in the vehicle at all times, while the Taxi license is shown upon request to prove your legitimacy as a registered H-Taxi for hire. Your Taxi License can be on your person but the Taxi Badge must be displayed for passengers.
All persons applying for a Taxi Driver Licence and Badge are required to present a Certificate of Character. If you have any offences, they will be recorded on your Certificate of Character. However, minor offences may receive leniency at the discretion of the Transport Commissioner.