Convert from 'P' to 'H'

Reclassifying Your Vehicle To Make It Passenger Ready (Moving From P To H)

Reclassification is defined as a change in the registration of a motor vehicle. If you wish to utilize your vehicle for taxi services, you are required by law to reclassify your vehicle from a P (Private) car to an H (Hired) car. The following documents are required to complete this process:

The Fee - $135.00
  • $100.00 for reclassification
  • $35.00 for notification of change

Getting Your Vehicle Inspected For Commercial Use

Once you reclassify your vehicle, an inspection for commercial vehicles will be conducted. Regular inspection of your vehicle ensures that it is roadworthy for your passengers. The following documents are required for an inspection:

  • A valid form of identification (National ID or Passport)

  • A valid driver’s permit

  • A valid certificate of insurance

  • A certified copy/extract

  • The Fee - $300.00

The Fees to Obtain a Taxi Driver’s Licence and Badge

The entire processing fee to become a taxi driver is $335.00 (not including the cost to obtain the Police Certificate of Character). The following are the required fees for obtaining your Taxi Driver Licence and Badge.

  • Application Fee - $70.00

  • Knowledge (Regulations) and Driving Test - $175.00

  • Study Guide and Highway Code - $15.00

  • Certificate of Competence - $35.00

  • Taxi Licence and Badge - $40.00


Quick Tips To Build Your Brand

As an entrepreneur, it is important to build your brand. This can be done by building a top-notch reputation as a courteous, reliable, and safe driver. Here are some additional tips to promote yourself as a legal driver for hire:

  • Have a recognizable uniform.

  • Create an engaging social media profile.

  • Have engaging conversations with passengers (use discretion).

  • Keep a neat and clean vehicle. 

Please refer to the registration process once you have successfully completed inspecting your vehicle