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In order to successfully apply for a Taxi Driver’s Licence and Badge, you will first need a Certificate of Character. Click this link to apply Now!

Here are the requirements to apply for a Certificate of Character whether you apply online or visit the police station in your district, you will be required :
  • A valid Trinidad and Tobago Identification Card,
  • A valid Driver's Permit or Passport (foreigners can use his/her valid passport),
  • Pay a fee of fifty TT dollars (TT$50.00),
  • Your fingerprints will be recorded, and
  • The applicant will be issued an official receipt.
  If you have successfully obtained a Certificate of Character receipt, proceed to the second step.

Secondly, you will be required to visit our online Appointment Booking System and apply for a taxi Badge or Licence by clicking the option  Application for Taxi Badge / Renewal /Loss/ Defaced  and follow the instructions as directed.

After you have successfully booked your appointment, download and complete the form. Also ensure you have all the accompanying documents.