Who We Are

The Traffic Warden Division is responsible for assisting the Police with the control and regulation of road traffic and the enforcement of all related laws.  Though they work in this capacity, Traffic Wardens do not hold the power to arrest.
Since the inception of the Traffic Warden Division in 2011, its officers have proven their value working on the roads across Trinidad to direct traffic and diffuse situations that can quickly escalate into serious road traffic violence.  Given this ability to control dangerous road situations, the Ministry of Works and Transport has created a special arrangement with the Division and other arms of the Ministry.  Officers from the TWD, upon request, will work on site with any Division of the MOWT that conducts major road and infrastructure works and help to safely divert traffic around project sites. 

The Traffic Warden Division strives to become the premier agency charged with the management, control and regulation of road traffic in Trinidad and Tobago. This Division controls and regulates road traffic, promotes road safety, road courtesy and enforcement of traffic laws.

      Knowledge of the Job
      Discipline and Respect

  The Traffic Warden Division
Road Safety Education and Career Guidance Unit plays a critical role in leading the development and promotion of road safety education and career guidance through a coordinated approach.