Who We Are

The Procurement Unit of the MOWT has  established an Internal Control Framework that will ensure the identification and mitigation of risks that are inherent to these functions. The Internal Control Framework for procurement ensures that procurement activities are exercised within a systemic framework of accountability in accordance with the PP & DPP Act.

Upon the full proclamation of the PP & DPP Act on April 26th, 2023, the Procurement and Disposal Advisory Committee, MOWT was appointed in accordance with the Office of the Procurement Regulator and has the responsibility for verifying the procurement and disposal activities performed by the MOWT and providing a level of reassurance to the Accounting Officer, MOWT, that these activities were performed in accordance with approved policies and procedures, handbooks and guidelines, and the annual procurement plan. From a risk management perspective, public procurement at the MOWT is categorised as follows:

  • Significant procurement or disposal
  • Low risk/low value procurement or disposal and
  • Simple buying or shopping.


  1. Accountability - Responsibility for all of our decisions and actions.
  2. Innovation - The creation of an environment which provides a platform for the growth of the economy through new and creative ideas, products and services.
  3. Integrity - The organization’s personnel will not engage in actions or place it under any obligations that may compromise our decisions, actions or professionalism in the execution of our mandate.
  4. Professionalism - Strict adherence to the organization’s systems and procedures to ensure, accountability, integrity, transparency and efficient delivery of products and services.
  5. Safety - Measures taken to minimize risk and danger to all personnel as well as to the organization’s infrastructure.
  6. Transparency - The organization’s decisions and actions should be trustworthy and be able to withstand scrutiny.
  7. Value for Money - Obtaining the best price for services, while ensuring the most efficient use of resources to affect the desired outcome.