Who We Are

The Legal Services Unit aims to provide the Ministry of Works and Transport with high quality, professional, in-house legal advice and support on all aspects of the Ministry’s activities where required.  In this regard, the Legal Services Unit’s key responsibilities include the following:
  •  Conducting legal research and providing in-house legal advice and support to the Minister, Permanent Secretary, and Directors in relation to their functions and responsibilities.
  •  Reviewing legislation in furtherance of the Ministry’s legislative agenda.
  •  Assisting in the formulation of the Ministry’s policies and fulfilment of its strategic plan.
  •  Assisting in the management of the Ministry’s litigation portfolio,
  •  Attending court and disciplinary tribunal hearings on behalf of the Ministry.
  •  Drafting, reviewing and interpreting contracts, memoranda of understanding, licences, leases and other legal instruments.