Minutes of Meeting

Ministry of Works and Transport
Minutes of Virtual Pre Tender Meeting
Wednesday 13th January 2021, at 10a.m.
Project: “The Supply and Delivery of Raw Materials to Generate Priority Bus Route Passes

Chair Person: Mr. Anthony Sobers - Senior Information Systems Support Specialist, IT
Representative, Procurement Unit - Ms. Roshni Koonoo- Administrative Officer II


  1. The Office Authority Limited - Mr. Hans Persad

  2. Eniath’s Printing Company Limited - Ms. Narissa Rahamatullah

  3. Power Cycle Limited - Mr. Garth Sobers

  4. Bind Print Services Limited - Ms. Sharon De Freitas

Overview: The Ministry of Works and Transport is seeking to find a suitable supplier for “The supply and delivery of raw materials to generate Priority Bus Route Passes.”

  • The materials used to produce these permits should be unique by colour and design

  • The Permits should be durable enough to take heavy amount of sunlight

  • All materials should be scan proof and copy proof

  • Should be of good and lasting quality

  • All specifications can be seen on Page 22, Item 24.0 of the Tender Document

General Discussions to Consider:

Hans Persad /The Office Authority Limited - Materials and paper requirements should be unique to the Ministry of Works and Transport as stated in the specifications. Please explain?
Answer-Anthony Sobers - The paper should be unique in a sense that it cannot be copied easily. It should not be able to be bought/ purchased from stores by the general public and not be easily accessed by the public.
Note: The Ministry tendered for these materials approximately 3yrs ago and has been purchasing these passes from the same supplier since. However, the Ministry is seeking to source the raw materials from a Supplier to create these passes.
2. Hans Persad/ The Office Authority Limited - To make a paper unique we will have to source from a paper mill with a particular watermark?
Answer – There are other factors to consider when making the pass itself unique. The paper is one aspect but there are the laminate overlay and stickers as well.

Note: The Ministry know there is a possibility that it may not be 100% copy proof but we are looking for the materials to make it substantially copy proof.

3. Sharon De Freitas/Bind Print Services Limited - Is the paper due on the 21st January, 2021? If so, this may be a limited time frame to obtain a response from potential suppliers and to provide a paper unique in nature.
Answer - Roshni Koonoo – The 21st January is the proposed date for the close of tender to submit bids. However, we have posted this advertisement on our website since the 4th January, 2021 and selective dates in the respective newspapers. Bidders are given 14 days in which to respond.
4. Hans Persad/The Office Authority Limited - Is the paper in Roll or Sheets?Answer-Anthony Sobers- The paper is in sheets and is of standard size (8 ½ x 11)

5. Narissa Rahamatullah/ Eniath’s Printing Company Limited - if you look at the amounts of passes, stickers and labels. The numbers does not add up, please explain?
Answer - Anthony Sobers -The passes are being supplied for a two year period. However, if a material runs out the Ministry will be looking to re-order with the supplier the amounts required.

6. Hans Persad/ TheOffice Authority Limited - Is Mr. Anthony Sobers related to one of South Regional District’s Representative/ MP?
Answer-Anthony Sobers - No, he is not.

7. Narissa Rahamatullah/ Eniath’s Printing Company Limited - Is Mr. Anthony Sobers related to Garth Sobers representing Power Cycle Limited?
Answer - Anthony Sobers- No, he is not.

8. Narissa Rahamatullah/ Eniath’s Printing Company Limited - What is the quantity in the rolls for the labels?
Answer - Anthony Sobers - The Quantity is 2200.

9. Narissa Rahamatullah/ Eniath’s Printing Company Limited - Is the ribbon a standard length?
Answer - Anthony Sobers - Yes, it is in a standard length.

10. Narissa Rahamatullah/ Eniath’s Printing Company Limited - Would you consider extending the deadline due to current delays in customs and shipments resulting from Covid 19?
Answer - Roshni Koonoo – at this time I will take note and consult with my Supervisor and inform you on the response via email.

11. Narissa Rahamatullah/ Eniath’s Printing Company Limited - There are currently some trials in getting updated VAT and BIR Certificates. Are there any extensions on the time given to submit those certificates?
Answer - Roshni Koonoo - The Unit gives three (3) days after the close of tender to submit outstanding documents.

12. Narissa Rahamatullah/ Eniath’s Printing Company Limited - Do you need a formal letter/ email?

Answer - Roshni Koonoo - Yes, you can send a formal letter via email to procurement@mowt.gov.tt

13. Narissa Rahamatullah/ Eniath’s Printing Company Limited - Is it possible to get a sample of the current passes?
Answer - Anthony Sobers - There is over four types of passes and at the moment we do not know if it is possible. Ms. Roshni Koonoo will look further and if it is possible, a copy of the pass will be sent to everyone.

Key Points outlined by Procurement Unit Representative:

From a procurement perspective the following guidelines should be followed:

  • Any further questions can be made via email at procurement@mowt.gov.tt

  • You are asked to review the Tender Document thoroughly as there is a tight deadline for this Project.

  • The Tender Document is to be downloaded from the MOWT Website.

  • Ensure a valid Income Tax, Value Added Tax and National Insurance Compliance Certificates are submitted with the Tender Document. This is to avoid further delays. You can refer to page four (4) of the Tender Document which outlines the requirements.

  • Ensure the Tender Document is properly completed, signed, stamped and dated by the person making the offer or an authorised person representing the company.

  • You are to refer to page 3, Item 2.1 to 2.6 and ensure all necessary information is submitted         

  • You are required to outline the company’s org structure, outlining key personnel, past performance, etc. Refer to page 6 of tender document.

  • Initial all corrections made on the Tender Document

  • All bidders are expected to submit one (1) Original and one (1) Copy of the Tender Document. Labelled to the top “Original” and “Copy”.

  • Failure to comply with these requirements may result in your tender being non-responsive.

  • The Tender Document is to be submitted in the White Tender Box located on the Ground Floor.

  • At the Ministry all protocols will be in place with respect to Covid-19 health guidelines when you come to drop off your tender package.

  • A request to view the tender opening should be sent via email to procurement@mowt.gov.tt

Closing Remarks - Anthony Sobers - Any further questions you may have you can send an email to procurement@mowt.gov.tt and we would respond. Due to time constraints and if there are no further questions, we would like to thank you for your attendance and the response to questions asked will be forwarded to you all.

 Meeting ended after these questions were addressed.

  Question and Response from Pre-Tender Meeting:

Question from Ms Narissa Rahamatullah, Eniath’s Printing Company Limited.
Would you consider extending the deadline due to current delays in Customs and shipments resulting from Covid-19?
Response: The timescale we are working with is synchronized with the current extension given to holders of the 2020 PBR Passes (1st January to 31st March 2021) and therefore, the supply period is considered to be sufficient with possible delays already taken into consideration.

Question from Ms Narissa Rahamatullah, Eniath's Printing Company Limited.

Is it possible to get a sample of the current passes?
Response : No , it is of the view that the specifications provided at Item 24.0 meets the necessary requirements.

Queries and Questions subsequent to Pre-Tender Meeting
  • Question from Ms Narissa Rahamatullah, Eniath’s Printing Company Limited. 
    Eniath’s Printing Company Limited - Ms Narissa Rahamatulla, Query: Kindly provide guidance as to Pg 22 of the Tender Document - 24.0 –Specifications at Items D, E, F and H.
  • Question# 1: What is meant by first and second colour?
    Response to Question # 1:
    The Priority Bus Route department performs renewal twice per year for Maxi –Taxi permits.
    As part of the renewal process a sticker is affixed to the permit signifying that this pass has been renewed. A Tamper Evident sticker is used; usually these stickers would be one colour for Jan – June and another colour for July to December. It is important that the stickers be two different colours so police or licence officers can easily and clearly identify if a pass has been renewed. (d)
  • Question # 2: What is Transparent Security Overlay on the pass?
    Response to Question # 2: Transparent Security Overlay. As part of the normal business process of the bus route department they are required to do change of drivers routinely on passes. Change of driver’s means that a new picture must be affixed to a laminated pass. The Transparent Security Overlay is used to affix the picture to the pass and provides a level of protection from abrasion and wear.   (e)
  • Question # 3:
    What is Customized Tamper Label?
Response to Question # 3:
  1. Customize Tamper Evident Label 2022. This 2022 sticker which can be affixed to a pass as part of the renewal process in 2022.(f)
  2. Customised Hologram sticker. This is a unique sticker to the Ministry of Works and Transport that must be affixed to each pass. This custom imprinted holographic sticker assists in preventing counterfeiting of PBR Passes. It must be unique yet easily identifiable for Police, Traffic Wardens and Licencing officers (h)
  • Questions from Premier Road Maintenance Company Limited - Mr Alberuni Khan

With regards to the "Tender for the Supply of Raw Material to Generate Priority Bus Route (PBR) Passes"

  1. Type of printer being used 

  2. Size of roll or sheet required.

Response to Question 
Please note the following as it relates to the question:
1. On page 22 of the tender document states that the printer is the Zebra ZM600 and the exact part number for the labels.