-- Licensing Mobile Bus on the move at the Waterloo Community Centre--

“From the time that I reach here this morning, I have never seen such quality service and performance. It was the best! I feel like it was the 21st century.  I commend the officers for their prompt service, their kind words and the way they dealt with persons. The customer service was excellent and I commend them for it!  

I wasn’t aware of the Mobile Bus before… My colleagues saw it on Facebook and knew I had an appointment and shared it and I saw it in my messages. I took the opportunity knowing that I am right here from the Freeport District. It was the best! As I said before, I commend the Officers and the Ministry of Works and Transport for this initiative!”


-   Dharmindra Narine shared his experience as the first customer to access the Mobile Bus Unit at the Waterloo Community Centre on Tuesday 1st February, 2022

      Dharmindra Narine