Road Safety Lectures

The Ministry of Works and Transport Traffic Warden Division Road Safety Education and Career Guidance Unit coordinates the promotion and development of road safety education and career guidance. This Unit was officially launched in July 2011 to promote safe driving through the reinforcement of traffic laws and road safety education to the public.

Officers promote advanced road safety education through presentations, literature and integrated programs to positively influence road users. Thus far, the unit has visited approximately 35 schools throughout Trinidad and conducted several career fairs and exhibitions in its quest to advocate for road safety best practices and career guidance.

The Unit is committed to developing quality road safety education, resources and new technologies to support safety education to schools, communities and all other stakeholders. Its officers believe that it is the public’s right to be adequately informed, consulted with and empowered on road safety and that individuals should be provided with the necessary knowledge to make our roads as safe as possible. The Road Safety Education and Career Guidance Unit advocates for Road Safety Education throughout Trinidad and Tobago.

To request a Road Safety Lecture, interested schools or organisations can contact the Traffic Warden Division:

Chief Traffic Warden
Traffic Warden Division
Henry Street
Port of Spain