The Golden Grove Road Bridge Project

The commissioning of the Golden Grove Road Bridge on February 10th, 2023 underscores the Government’s commitment to improving road infrastructure and traffic management across the country.
Golden Grove Road starts at the Eastern Main Road and ends at the Caroni North Bank Road. Golden Grove Road is a critical artery that serves as an access point for commuters to the Churchill Roosevelt Highway, the Eastern Main Road in Arouca, and the Piarco International Airport.
The Golden Grove Road Bridge has ultimately improved connectivity and optimized safety for drivers and pedestrians alike. 
The successful completion of this project now signals:
  • Safer and more efficient movement of traffic along the Golden Grove Road with the introduction of two (2) lanes over the bridge.
  • Optimized safety for travellers on foot with a pedestrian sidewalk.
  • Increased bridge span capacity to accommodate larger volumes of water during heavy rainfall to mitigate flooding.
This initiative forms part of a wider programme of works being undertaken by the Ministry to systematically improve road infrastructure and traffic management across the country. It supports the Government’s broader strategy to improve mobility, better connect communities, and open access to areas while building a stronger and more resilient Trinidad and Tobago.