Morvant to Maritime Roundabout Upgrade Project

This project was executed by the Programme for Upgrading Roads Efficiency (P.U.R.E.) Unit which spans from Lady Young Avenue, off Lady Young Road, to the Maritime Roundabout.

The following project packages were successfully completed:

1.      Package 1: Between Maritime Roundabout and the Priority Bus Route -  Completed
2.   Package 2: Between the Priority Bus Route and the Eastern Main Road - Bridge Reconstruction -  Completed
3.      Package 3: Between the Eastern Main Road and Lady Young Avenue -  Completed
4.      Package 4: Upgrade of the Priority Bus Route, Maritime Roundabout, CRH Link Road, 10th Ave & 
          5th Street - Completed   


Major deliverables of this project which will have a positive and far-reaching impact on fenceline communities include:

  • Rehabilitation of the existing roadway to include four (4) lanes of traffic (two in either direction) from Lady Young Avenue  to the Maritime Roundabout;
  • Widening and rehabilitation of the three intersections - Morvant Junction, Priority Bus Route, and Maritime Roundabout to facilitate required turning movements;
  • The full reconstruction of the bridge south of Morvant Junction to facilitate the required lanes of traffic and the anticipated volume of water during excessive rainfall;
  • Rehabilitation of the Maritime Plaza Exit to facilitate the required turning radii and acceleration lane lengths; and
  • Rehabilitation and full construction of pedestrian sidewalks, lay-bys, and drainage channels.


Extensive works have been undertaken across all three packages and include the installation of drainage channels, pedestrian sidewalks, culvert crossings, a bailey bridge, gabion baskets, and road widening works. WASA has also completed its relocation works under this project.

Works on the Morvant to Maritime Roundabout Road Infrastructure Project are 100% complete.


It is anticipated that the project will facilitate the following benefits upon its completion:

  • A reduction of the perennial flooding, land slippages, and unabated traffic congestion
  • Increased relief by creating more fluid connections between communities
  • The promotion of safer travel and reduction in travel times to bring about greater levels of productivity and a higher quality of life for all.