The Curepe Interchange Project

The Curepe Interchange located at the Churchill Roosevelt Highway (CRH) and the Southern Main Road (SMR) is currently being constructed under the Port of Spain East West Corridor Expansion and Improvement Works Programme. This transportation superstructure will help to alleviate current traffic congestion and decrease travel times significantly.

In 2012 a traffic study was undertaken to assess the impact of the then proposed interchange at Curepe. The study revealsed the staggering difference in travel times once the interchange was complete: 

 * Morning delays through the Curepe intersection on CRH would decrease from approximately 11 minutes to 19 seconds per vehicle
 * Afternoon delays would decrease seconds even more dramatically from 22 minutes to 19 seconds per vehicle
 * On the Southern Main Road, morning delays would decrease from 9.5 minutes to 35 seconds per vehicle.
* Afternoon delays would decrease about 21 minutes to 66 seconds. 


 * Construction of an overpass with two clover leaf sections at the intersection of CRH and SMR, Curepe and other ramps;
 * Widening and re-alignment of the CRH to accommodate six lanes and frontage roads north and south of the CRH;
 * Construction of a roundabout in the south-eastern quadrant near Kay Donna; and
 * Re-alignment of Southern Main Road. 


NIDCO engaged the services of the design-build contractor, China Railway Joint Venture – a consortium comprising China Railway Construction (Caribbean) Company Limited./China Railway 14th Bureau Group Co. Limited, Pace Construction Services Limited and Chase Engineering Limited.

The Curepe Interchange Project was delivered to the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago in 2020.