Temporary Closure of Roadway at Realize Road at 2.0km Mark due to Landslip


The Ministry of Works and Transport wishes to advise the public of a temporary road closure for all vehicular traffic at Realize Road, 2.0 km mark, Lengua Settlement (East of southern exit, Sahadath Road).
Subsequent to heavy rainfall today, an existing landslip at this location has worsened significantly and presently, approximately 70% of the road width is affected. It is noted that the condition of this section of the roadway is hazardous to road users at this time. Consequently, this section of the Realize Road will be closed off to vehicular traffic.

Road users may use the following alternative access routes as outlined below with the aid of the route maps shown:
Diagram (1) one: For residents of Realize Road (local traffic). Commuters are asked to utilize Lengua Settlement Road to Titus Road and vice versa.
Diagram (2) two: For motorists exiting St. Croix Road to utilize Realize Road as a connecting route. Commuters are kindly asked to traverse St. Croix Road to St. Croix Extension Road and Papourie Road.
It should be noted that the Ministry has already initiated the tendering process for the repair of this landslip and a subsequent update on this timeline will soon follow.
Motorists are advised to proceed with caution and observe all directional signs and barriers. The Ministry of Works and Transport regrets any inconvenience caused and thanks the public for its cooperation.
Diagram 1: Local Traffic Access Route:
Diagram 2: Non Local Traffic Diversion:


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