Permanent Flow of Traffic from Churchill Roosevelt Highway - Curepe Interchange Project


 Westbound to Valsayn South, Valpark, SuperPharm and environs

The National Infrastructure Development Company Limited (NIDCO) in partnership with the Ministry of Works and Transport (MOWT) wishes to advise the general public (motorists/residents) of the following final permanent change in traffic flow:


FROM Piarco, Arima and environs TO Valsayn South, Valpark, SuperPharm and environs Motorists/Residents travelling west along the Churchill Roosevelt Highway (CRH) from Piarco, Arima and environs who wish to proceed to Valsayn South, Valpark, SuperPharm and environs are advised to keep left on approaching the Spring Village Walkover (approximately 500m east of the Southern Main Road (SMR) Flyover).

Motorists/Residents are further advised to follow the directional signs, exit the CRH and proceed to the South Roundabout. At the Roundabout take the third exit and keep left to access the South Frontage Road. Motorists/Residents should proceed along this frontage road and follow the directional signs to access Taguaria Road, Morequito Avenue, Valpark, SuperPharm and environs.

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