MOWT Responds to the Existing Condition of the La Horquetta Walkover

Release date: 12/3/2020

The Ministry of Works and Transport duly notes the concerns of the general public as it relates to recent
footage circulating in the public domain on the existing condition of the La Horquetta Walkover.
Given the understandable level of concern for safety, the Ministry would like to take this opportunity to clarify
some key points as it relates to the maintenance and upgrade of this particular structure.

The Highways Division, through its Maintenance Programme earmarked this walkover for upgrade works
after in-house Engineers conducted inspections and formulated a strategic repair work plan earlier this year.
The upgrade of this particular walkover has been divided into two phases. Phase one, which was completed,
included work on the ground level and lower ramp area. Phase two, which is ongoing, encompasses
fabrication work that will address the obvious but non-threatening corrosion along the span of the pedestrian
overpass. Scheduled repair works for Phase two of this project has been delayed due to the ongoing COVID-
19 Pandemic.

The Ministry retains a team of Inspectors and Engineers, who routinely survey the structural integrity of all its
bridges, roads, walkovers and flyovers. This team has identified structures that require critical upgrades and
rehabilitation work and this will be addressed via the Ministry’s Maintenance Programme on an ongoing basis.
Despite the current aesthetics of the walkover, the La Horquetta Pedestrian Overpass is structurally
sound and poses no direct threat to the commuting public.

Admittedly, the appearance of the pedestrian overpass is unsightly, and the Highways Division has mobilized
a team to expedite work on this particular structure. Further, the Ministry of Works and Transport will
continue to review and improve its existing maintenance systems to ensure that our infrastructural assets
provide the required level of safety and security for users.