Application for Recommendation for Final Drainage Approval

The Drainage Division is responsible for providing recommendations to the Town and Country Division of the Ministry of Works and Transport. The MOWT is not responsible for granting final drainage approvals to Land developers. The Drainage Division simply provides recommendations to the approving bodies on applications received. The Regional Corporations are responsible for providing Final Drainage Approvals.
Persons interested in applying for a recommendation for Final Drainage Approval can download the Guidelines.
All enquiries, complaints, complements and suggestions relating to services of the Drainage Division can be addressed to:

Drainage Division
Ministry of Works and Transport
#42 Chootoo Road,
El Socorro,
Trinidad and Tobago,
West Indies
Tel: (868) 225-3521​
Customer Care/Complaints Numbers for Drainage Districts are as follows:
Drainage Head Office: 225-3661
Drainage Central: 225-3605
Drainage South: 225-3644
Drainage North: 225-3674
Drainage East: 225-3622/ 668-3313