Application for Drainage Design Approval

The Ministry of Works and Transport is seeking to secure the safety of all citizens by ensuring that developers adhere to the prescribed drainage requirements. Unplanned developments and poor drainage systems lead to devastating floods.
It is a breach of the law and an offence to carry out development in Trinidad and Tobago without obtaining the necessary drainage approvals from the Ministry of Works and Transport and other relevant  agencies.

 Here are the Guidelines to obtain Drainage Design Approvals

Persons who wish to obtain drainage design approvals must contact the Drainage Division of the Ministry of Works and Transport.
All enquiries, complaints, compliments and suggestions relating to services of the Drainage Division can also be addressed to:

Drainage Division
Ministry of Works and Transport
#42 Chootoo Road,
El Socorro,
Trinidad and Tobago,
West Indies
Tel: (868) 225-3521​
Customer Care/Complaints Numbers for Drainage Districts are as follows:
Drainage Head Office: 225-3661
Drainage Central: 225-3605
Drainage South: 225-3644
Drainage North: 225-3674
Drainage East: 225-3622/ 668-3313