Campo Main Drain

Over the past year, the Ministry of Works and Transport undertook several major development projects. Of notable mention is the Caroni River Rehabilitation and Improvement Works Project. Historically, the Caroni River and its fenceline communities have always had the propensity for flooding.  Combined with the increase in rainfall due to climate change, the Ministry of Works and Transport, has invested greater efforts and resources to protect communities that are most vulnerable to flooding in the Caroni district. The scope of work for this project entails the rehabilitation of existing embankments at intermittent locations from St Helena to El Socorro South.

It also includes the installation of new drainage structures with flap gates at 8 sites. These gates would control the flow of   water from tributaries into the Caroni River and also prevent backflows. To date, embankment works have been completed on the north bank, both upstream and downstream of the ByPass Road Piarco for a distance of approximately 1500 metres. At Church Street, Kelly Village, 200m of berm and embankment works have also been completed. Works are currently ongoing at Sheldon Trace, St Helena, Caroni Village, Caroni and El Socorro South.