DJI_0143.jpgThe Coastal protection Unit (CPU) is focused on serving the people of Trinidad and Tobago by addressing the potential effects of coastal erosion and ­flooding on coastal communities, environments and infrastructure. Through the CCPP, the unit strives to promote an understanding of the central role of the coast in securing the survival and future of coastal communities and the nation as a whole. 

To this end, the CPU has engaged selected vulnerable coastal communities in understanding shoreline changes as a result of continuous long-term coastal erosion while involving these communities in the planning and development of coastal protection works. In its implementation of the CCPP, the CPU has developed the following projects:


* Manzanilla Beach Facility Seawall Stabilisation Works (completed in July 2015)
* North Cocos Bay Shoreline Stabilisation Works (completed in 2015)


Stabilisation Works (completed in 2016)

* Shore of Peace Coastal Cliff
* Quinam Coastal Protection Works (completed in December 2018)
* Mayaro/Guayaguayare Coastal Study 
* Sans Souci Shoreline Stabilisation Works
* Matelot Shoreline Stabilisation Works Phase I
* Matelot Shoreline Stabilisation Works Phase II
* Cocos Bay Shoreline Stabilisation Works
* South Cocos Bay Shoreline Stabilisation Works
* Shoreline Management Plan for Manzanilla Beach (Manzanilla Point to Point Radix)
* Comprehensive National Coastal Monitoring Programme (CNCMP)
* Cap de Ville Shoreline Stabilisation Works.