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The Trinidad Transport Board is an advisory body of Presidential appointees established in accordance with Section 3, Ch.48:50, of the Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic Act regards the following:-


  • Licence duties in respect of motor and other vehicles

  • Customs and Excise duties in respect of transport vehicles and fuel therefor

  • The needs of areas as a whole in relation to traffic (including the provision of adequate suitable and efficient services and the elimination of unnecessary or unremunerated services) and the co-ordination of all forms of passenger and goods transport, including transport by rail and sea

  • The regulation and control of traffic

  • The construction and maintenance of roads and the cost thereof; and Trinidad Transport


In addition to advising His Excellency the President, the Transport Board also has the following responsibilities according to the MVRTA :-

MVRT Act 48:50 Section 3 (3)

  • The Board shall hear and determine any appeal submitted by any aggrieved person against any order or decision of the Licensing Authority or of an Automotive Licensing Officer, and the Board's decision shall be final and conclusive.

MVRT Act 48:50 Section 3 (4)

  • The Board shall perform such other duties as are assigned by this Act and the regulations made hereunder or by any Order of the President.
  • The Board treats with and is responsible for the approval of applications to register and operate Special Vehicles.

*A Special Vehicle is a vehicle having a Maximum Gross Weight (MGW) in excess of 15,000 kg, in other words vehicles having a MGW of 15.001kg or greater.

It is strongly advised that applicants receive their approval to register and operate from the Transport Board before importing their Units as the Board is not obliged to grant approval for Units already imported. The Board also gives approval for the transfer of a Special Vehicle from one owner to another.
Members of the public can access the services of the Transport Board by visiting or calling the office of the Trinidad Transport Board which is currently located at:

The Board comprises the following members:-

Mr. Parasram Ramlogan - Chairman , Chief Technical Officer, Ministry of Works and Transport

Mr. Wayne Richards - Member, Transport Commissioner, Ministry of Works and Transport

Ms. Sharon Blake-Clarke - Member, Assistant Commissioner of Police (Mobile)

Mr. Roy Andrew Lloyd - Member , Consultant on Refinery Operations Improvement

Mr. Dave Baijoo - Member, Lead Engineer Consultant - Vitruvian Engineering Company Ltd

Dr. Jacqueline Huggins - Member, Manager - Student Life and Development Department (SLDD)

Mr. Jameel Jacob Mohammed - Member, Technical Officer - Ministry of Rural Development and Local Government

Mr. Stein Carrington - Member, Architect - GSAL Designs

Mr. Robert Giuseppi - Member, Senior Labour Specialist

Mrs. Lorraine Waldropt-Ferguson - Member, Agricultural Economist 


Ministry of Works and Transport
The Trinidad Transport Board
Level 5, MOWT Administration Building, Corner of Richmond and London Streets,
Port-of-Spain. Telephone: 625-1225 Ext 10208, 10209, 10211, 10212 & 10216
Fax: 627-3271


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