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Ministry of Works & Transport

Signing Ceremony- La Brea Dry Docking Facility

A Signing Ceremony was held on September 7th, 2018, to mark the official partnership between the Government of Trinidad and Tobago and China Harbour Engineering Company Limited (CHEC) to facilitate the La Brea dry docking Facility. "This dry docking facility project signals the arrival of a real opportunity for diversification. We have long identified the maritime sector as one of those areas. "This project will be a huge foreign currency earner as much of the ships that will utilize the facility will pay for services in foreign currency." Dr. Keith Rowley, Prime Minister 


•Dredging a navigation access channel, turning circle, berth basin 2.9 millions m³
•Reclamation of land and soil improvement to develop all of the proposed facilities 295 thousands m²
•Revetments to accommodate the proposed reclamation
•Two Dry Docks
•Outfitting Pier
•Necessary workshops facilities for vessel inspection& repairing services
•Office Building, Training Center and Accommodation required at the location
•Roads and Paving


Construction Period
The design and construction period is 4 years during which will provide more than 3,500 direct and 5,700 indirect jobs. The number of engineers is significant, a large amount of human resources is needed for the construction of the project.

Operational Period
The shipyard will provide more than 2,700 direct jobs and 13,000 indirect jobs, including but not limited to fitters, electricians, assemblers, welders, mechanics, blast paint, pipe processing etc.

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  • La Brea Dry Docking Facility

  • La Brea Dry Docking Facility

  • La Brea Dry Docking Facility

  • La Brea Dry Docking Facility

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