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Ministry of Works & Transport

NIDCO-Public Notice Reconstruction of L57 St Croix Road

NIDCO-Public Notice Reconstruction of L57 St Croix Road Printable Version

09 Apr 2015


The National Infrastructure Development Company Limited (NIDCO) in partnership with the Ministry of Works and Infrastructure wishes to inform the public that L57, along the St. Croix road, is scheduled for reconstruction under the Landslip Repair Programme.

Physical works will commence on 11th April 2015 and is scheduled for completion by July 2015.

The new structure will be constructed between light poles LP87 and LP88. The public is advised to use the route as indicated in the map below on April 11th and 12th 2015 to facilitate the temporary widening of the St. Croix Road

opposite the L57 landslip area which will  accommodate traffic flow for the remaining duration of the project.

In light of the above:-

  • The public is asked to review the notes below and to observe the temporary signage provided on the approaches to the site.

  • Commuters are advised also of heavy construction equipment in and around the construction zone.

  • All precautions are being taken by NIDCO and its contractor to ensure proper health, safety, and environmental standards are maintained.

Details of Traffic Management

         Traffic coming from Princes Town along the St. Croix road heading to Barrackpore will be diverted into Sahai Trace which connects to the Cipero road and then back onto the St. Croix road. However traffic wishing to access Realize road can do so normally, with local traffic also being permitted up to light pole 87.

         Traffic coming from Barrackpore heading to Princes Town will be diverted onto the Cipero road and then onto Sahai Trace which connects back to St. Croix road. With local traffic being permitted up to light pole 88.

         The section of road way between light poles 87 and 88 will be completely closed.

NIDCO apologises for any inconvenience and looks forward to your kind co-operation as development works are necessary to upgrade the present infrastructure.

For further information please contact:
National Infrastructure Development Company Limited
PHONE: 624-5593
Email: [email protected]


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