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Ministry of Works & Transport

Basic CRH/UBH Interchange Route Navigation Video

Basic CRH/UBH Interchange Route Navigation Video Printable Version


At present we have posted a very basic video on route navigation movements on the soon to be opened Package 'C' aspect of the CRH/UBH (Churchill Roosevelt Highway/Uriah Butler Highway) Interchange on YouTube. We have not promoted the video before as there is much more information and details to present that we are currently working on in terms of public information.

Nonetheless, we thought it better to provide what is available at the moment, simply as a guide and for desired public feedback of comments, suggestions, and concerns, anyone may have with regards to these route movements and, for that matter, the Interchange project in general.

We have hosted public presentations on the CRH/UBH Interchange project in the locally affected areas and in future will, of course, hope to have more public engagement as need or demand arises.

Persons may send feedback to us by leaving comments on the YouTube page below the video, writing to us via email at [email protected], or posting on our Facebook or Twitter pages.

Please note and remember we are working on providing more details on this project.

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