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Trinidad and Tobago
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Ministry of Works & Transport

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In keeping with the Ministry of Works and Transport's efforts to improve communication with the public, please see the MOWT Bookmark.

The Ministry of Works and Transport would like to advise that its Facebook and Twitter accounts are monitored on a daily basis. All queries and complaints are recorded and would be addressed within a 48 hour period. MOWT would also like to agree and underscore that the safety of all citizens is paramount.

In this regard, MOWT has implemented a host of infrastructural works that improve the safety of all of citizens including motorists and pedestrians. Namely, the installation of walkovers as well as rehabilitated roads and bridges are some examples. The MOWT has also implemented countless traffic management initiatives such as lane dividers, cable barriers and school zone signs, to name a few.

Therefore, this bookmark helps to notify the public of important on-going and upcoming projects. Members of the public can access emergency road works, traffic diversions and bridge reconstructions as well as general updates via these communication portals.

This bookmark helps to save lives and reduce the level of inconvenience experienced during reconstruction works.

In this regard, MOWT would also like to issue a ‘Call to Action’.

MOWT would like to ask members to share this bookmark and encourage friends, family and loved ones to Like the Ministry's Facebook Page.

Help us get these important messages out to a wider audience.

These are more than just notices and this is more than just a regular bookmark. It is a safety measure in itself.

Please Like the Ministry’s Facebook page, follow us on Twitter download the bookmark and share all Works and Transport notices today!

The following list provides the contact details for the Ministry's Offices and Divisions:


Ministry of Works and Transport (Head Office)
Main Administrative Building

Corner Richmond and London Streets
PBX: 625–1225

Map Directions

Ministry of Works and Transport
41-43 Sackville Street 
PBX: 623-2288

Ministry of Works and Transport
St. Andrew / St. David District

Eastern Main Road, Guaico
Sangre Grande
Phone: 668-2686

Ministry of Works and Transport
St. George East District Office

O'Meara Road, Arima
Phone: 667-3619

Ministry of Works and Transport
Caroni District Office

Railway Road, Chaguanas
Phone: 665-4307

St. Yves Street, Chaguanas
Phone: 671-9160

Ministry of Works and Transport
Nariva / Mayaro District Office

Railway Road, Rio Claro
Phone: 644–2231

Ministry of Works and Transport
St. George West District Office

150 El Socorro Road
Phone: 674–1211

Ministry of Works and Transport
St. Patrick District Office

High Street, Siparia
Phone: 649–0328

Ministry of Works and Transport
Victoria East District Office

Rushworth Street, San Fernando
Phone: 655-2455

Ministry of Works and Transport
Victoria West District Office

77 -81 Independence Avenue
San Fernando
Phone: 657–7035


Ministry of Works and Transport
Mechanical Services Division

Mt. Hope
Phone: 662–2322

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