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Ministry of Works & Transport

WIZE Mobile App

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The WIZE (Works Information Zone Electronic-Portal) Mobile App is an initiative of the Ministry of Works and Transport (MOWT), Trinidad and Tobago.

It is designed to provide an avenue for bi-directional communication between the ministry and the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago.

Particularly so as MOWT provides an array of infrastructural projects such as highway extensions, road rehabilitation, bridge reconstruction, traffic management measures, building construction and coastal erosion among other air, land and sea services in the fulfilment of is mandate.

Wizen Up on all infrastructure notices and projects!!

W   The W refers to infrastructural Works in MOWT’s and the type as well that is, Road works, traffic 
      Changes - emergency conditions and other air, land and sea services.

I     The I represents information which can be retrieved via the ministry’s Website and Social Media


Z     The Z refers to all the zone / all the areas where road works are currently being undertaken across the

E     The E represents the application which is electronically based and serves as an E - Portal for all citizens

Benefits of the WIZE APP

As a result of the aforementioned services, MOWT anticipates that the WIZE APP will provide the following benefits among others:-

  • To increase accessibility and convenience to information on infrastructural services performed by the Ministry to the public

  • To improve safety to motorists and pedestrians

 Additionally, the WIZE app’s features also offer three major benefits to users:-

  • To informs users of upcoming infrastructural works and

  • To allow users time to engage in pre-trip planning (prepare ahead of infrastructure works to reschedule arrivals, departures and/ or traffic routes)

  • To allow users to report various issues (broken traffic lights, cable barriers etc)

Features and Benefits

  • Users of the app have access to alerts, notices, photo galleries and an interactive map. Proximity alerts are included to notify users of various works being carried out by the ministry (e.g. road works, bridge reconstruction, etc.).
  • The Report Issue feature of the app allows the public to report various road issues such as potholes, landslips, etc.

  • An Android app widget is included with the app. This widget will display the titles of the latest notices and indicate when new data is available for download.

  • An additional feature, which will come on stream later, will allow users to view a live feed of traffic at strategic points on the nation's highways.

Download the WIZE App!!


For further details on the WIZE App:- FAQ’s, User Guide and Disclaimer

We hope that this new avenue of communication will greatly support the Ministry's efforts to serve the public of Trinidad and Tobago.

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