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Ministry of Works & Transport

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Printable Version

1.  What are the requirements needed to be a Traffic Warden

T&T National
        • 18 years or older
        • At least 3 O' Levels, GCE, CXC including English Language or equivalent combination 
          of education and training

2.  How do I apply to become a Traffic Warden? 

        Submit a letter of application to:
        Deputy Director
        Office of Law Enforcement Police (OLEP)
        ABMA Building, St. Vincent Street
        Post of Spain

How do I register as a contractor with PURE?

All contractor registration is done through the procurement agency, National Insurance Property Development Company Limited (NIPDEC). Potential contractors can collect packages from NIPDEC to register and begin the prequalification process. If/when your company is prequalified; a letter indicating such will be issued to you. This letter, along with your company’s profile should then be sent to the Programme For Upgrading Roads Efficiency (PURE) at: Lot D JSAC Building, El Socorro Extension South, San Juan.


Information concerning registration and/or prequalification can be found at NIPDEC’s website: or

 4.  How can my business adopt a location on the Highway with the Highways Beautification Programme?

Step 1:

The company must submit a signed Letter of Interest via email, stating the company's interest in partnering with the Highways Beautification Unit (HBU). The letter must also request a 'List of Available Locations' for adoption. If your company has a specific location in mind, this should be stated in the letter as well.

Step 2:

Once this letter is received, a site visit with the HBU team to the location(s) of interest will be scheduled. This site visit will allow the intended adoption party to fully appreciate the size of the location and the scope of works allowed by the Ministry.

Step 3:

 Submit a formal Letter of Intent to the HUB indicating your company's desire to adopt the location(s) visited.

Step 4:

Once approval from the Ministry is granted, a License Agreement will be generated and a formal Intent Approval Letter will be forwarded to your company, signed by the Director of Highways.

*Immediate maintenance of the approved location(s) can commence as follows: 2 and 3 times per month in the dry and rainy seasons respectively. This is in keeping with the HUB Guidelines which you will receive upon approval.

* Your chosen contractor must register with the HBU within 2 weeks of the aforementioned approval. Contractor Registration Forms, as well as a list of Registered Contractors, are available upon request.


Step 5:

Once your company has qualified, you must submit to the HBU, any signage and/or landscaping concepts for the approval by the Director of Highways. Absolutely no signage is to be erected or landscaping undertaken until approval is given by the Director of Highways and the Final Licence Agreement is in hand.

Step 6:

A schedule of Signage Installations (48 hours prior to works) and/or a Schedule of Landscaping Operations (1 week prior to works) must be submitted to the HBU for all intended signage and/or landscaping. All installations must be done with a member for the HBU Technical Team present.

*Signage which represents any company other than the adopting company cannot be installed without the Letter of Authorization from said organization, granting permission to the adopting company to act on its behalf.

Please note that HBU officials continuously observe and report on all reserved and adopted locations. Locations which are rated as 'poor' in two consecutive observations will receive a Warning Letter from the Ministry. Companies are allowed to receive a maximum of three Warning Letters during the contract period.

5.  How can I contact the Corporate Communication Unit?
        Email: [email protected]
        Phone: 1 (868) 625-1225 (Ext. 10813)

6.  Where do I log a complaint about roadwork, signage, transport, etc.?

Concerns, suggestions and queries can be sent via email to the Corporate Communication Unit of the MOWT. The Unit then disseminates said information to the responsible party, once the issue falls within the remit of the Ministry. Additionally, the Ministry has active Social Media accounts to which messages can be sent.

Social Media Accounts: - Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, WIZE App, SMS Service-WI GT and Google.


                                         You can also email us at [email protected]


7.  What courses can I take at the Civil Aviation Training Centre (TTCA)?

The TTCA offers a wide range of accredited courses at their Civil Aviation Training Centre. Such include:

  • Air Traffic Control - Aerodrome, Approach and Area
  • Aeronautical Information Services
  • Apron Control
  • Assisting Families and Survivors in Aviation Disasters
  • Instructor Training Techniques
  • Radar in Air Traffic Control
  • Effective Shift Supervision Management
  • Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunication Network
  • Threat and Error Management
  • Radio Telecommunication Procedures

For Full listing of what is offered at the Civil Aviation Training Centre, visit their website at

8. What is the  Water Taxi's Sailing Schedule?

The Water Taxi operates a number of sailings each day. For information on the Water Taxi visit

9.  I've been living abroad for many years and I have a valid driver's license for the country I have been living in. Do I need to resit both the written and the road tests to get a T&T driver's license?

Once you have  been living outside of this jurisdiction for more than 5 years, you must resit both the written  and road test to obtain a local driver's permit.

10. What is the role of the Airports Authority?

Airports Authority of Trinidad and Tobago is  the statutory body that manages the efficient operations of the country's two airports: Piarco International Airport (Trinidad) and  the ANR Robinson International Airport (Tobago. Find out more about the Airports Authority at

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