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WIZE User Guide - Android

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About WIZE
Application Panels
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About WIZE

Welcome to WIZE (Works Information Zone Electronic-Portal). The Ministry of Works and Transport, of the Government of Trinidad and Tobago is pleased to provide this mobile application to members of the public. The aim of this application is to provide an avenue of mutual communication between the Ministry and the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago.

Please make use of this help file to familiarise yourself with the features of WIZE

Application Panels

The WIZE interface is separated into several panels, each providing specific information and functionalities. The following is a brief overview of these panels:

  • Alerts – This screen provides a list of the alerts that are currently displayed on the MOWT website. Clicking on a list item may in some cases take you to a resource on the internet.

  • Notices – This screen provides a list of notices which will inform you of certain topics of interest and advise you, where necessary, of action to be taken. Clicking on a list item will take you to the detailed information on the MOWT website.

  • Photo Galleries – This screen provides a list of photo albums which will keep you up-to-date with the progress and activities of the ministry. Clicking on a list item will take you to the corresponding photo album on the MOWT website.

  • Traffic Cams – This screen provides a list of traffic cameras installed by the ministry. Clicking on a list item will display a live video stream of the traffic at the camera's location.

  • Map – This screen provides an interactive map which is used to display the location of several types of works taking place across the country. For more details on this feature, see the Map help section.

  • Issue Report– This screen allows you to make a report about various types of issues or hazards which may fall under the purview of the ministry. For more details on this feature, see the Issue Report help section.

  • Preferences – This screen allows you to alter settings which specify how you want WIZE to work for you. Each option on the Preferences screen includes a description of the option.

  • Legal Notices – This screen provides a list of legal information related to use of the WIZE app.


The Map screen displays a map of the roads in T&T. Features of the Map include:

  • Markers – The map uses markers to display the location of works in various parts of the country, and a proximity radius for each marker. Markers have different icons to easily identify the type of work.

  • Report Issue – You can long press on a location to make an issue report for that location.

  • GPS Tracking – You can use GPS tracking to find and follow your location on the map.

  • Toggle Features – You can switch various map features on and off.

Report Issue

The Report Issue screen provides fields which you can use to submit reports of various types to MOWI. There are two avenues to get to this screen:

  • Report Issue button – With this option, you can submit a Report Type, Title, Description, and Picture for the issue.

  • Long press on map – With this option, you can submit a Report Type, Title, Description, Picture and Coordinates for the issue.

The Report Types include Bush Fire, Flood, Land Slip, Pothole, Water Leak, etc.

Note – When submitting a report your email address will also be submitted automatically. This is useful for reducing abuse of the application, and responding to your reports.


This is not a screen in the app itself. When you enter the designated proximity of some work being performed by the ministry, you will be notified of the work and whatever directions or other advice has been entered by the ministry. The notification will appear in your notification bar, you can be notified by several means including:

  • Audio – A tone is played if you have your phone set to play sounds (i.e. not in Silent or Vibrate Only modes).

  • Vibrate – The phone vibrates in a distinctive pattern specific to the application.

  • Speech – The phone reads out the message of the notification to you. This requires that text-to-speech options be installed and enabled.

Notification types are set on the Preferences screen. Setting the Notification Type requires an application restart.

Home Screen Widget

This screen is displayed outside the application itself on the home screen of the phone. It contains an automatically horizontal scrolling text display which allows you to see the titles of the 10 latest notices in the app. If new information is available for download, the app icon changes to indicate such. A refresh button and a link to the ministry's website are also provided. The app icon on the Home Screen Widget can be used to launch the app.

Downloading Data

When new data becomes available you will be notified. This notification can take two forms:

  • Home Screen Widget – The WIZE icon on the Home Screen Widget will display a refresh icon.

  • Prompt – Upon opening the WIZE app a prompt is displayed to download new data.

You can check for new data at any point by clicking the Refresh icon either on the Home Screen Widget or within the WIZE app. Both the app and the widget will display the date of the last data download.

Exit Application

The Exit Application option allows you to end the application completely. Ending the application may be necessary in certain circumstances, for example, where certain preferences require an application restart. If you do not see the Exit Application option on the Action Bar, you can access it by pressing the phone's Menu button.

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