Standard Operating Procedures Re: COVID - 19

RELEASE DATE: 18 Mar 2020

Standard Operating Procedures Re: COVID - 19
1) Purpose of Release
To advise all stakeholders of the Port of Port of Spain, on the guidelines adopted by the Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago and protocols implemented and enforced by the Ministry of Health for all Ports of Entry as it relates to the Public Health Emergency issued by the World Health Organisation.

2) Scope
The scope of this SOP shall be applicable to all arriving vessels and associated visitors/crew members at the Port of Port of Spain. The aim is to ensure public health risk profiling is conducted.

3) Shipping Notices
All vessels requesting to berth at the Port of Spain will be expected to fully comply with Shipping Notices SN1 - 2020, SN2 - 2020 and SN3 - 2020 issued by the Ministry of Works and Transport (Maritime Services Division). Appendix 1.

4) Pre - arrival Notification
* In compliance with Shipping Notice SN1 - 2020, all vessels arriving in Trinidad and Tobago are required to submit the required documents via the Single Electronic Window e-Matirime Module.
* The Port of Port of Spain, with immediate effect requires a completed, signed and stamped Declaration of Health Form (Regulation 4) from the Master of vessel, via electronic medium no later than Forty Eight (48) Hrs, prior to the vessel's arrival. Failure to comply with this requirement may result in the vessel not being allowed entry to berth. The completed Declaration of Health Form must be submitted to [email protected]

5) Responsibilities
It shall be the responsibility of the vessel's Agent(s) to ensure compliance with requirement (4).

6) Entry Restriction
* In accordance with a Cabinet Decision from the Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, persons who have visited countried listed in such schedule will not be allowed entry into the Port of Port of Spain.
* Foreign crews of international vessels that have been allowed to berth (including cargo vessels), will not be allowed to disembark.

7) Internal Risk Management
The Port of Port of Spain, has implemented strategies aimed at risk mitigation and prevention associated with COVID - 19. These strategies are in compliance with World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines.
* Continuous education and awareness sessions for all staff on COVID - 19, inclusive of good hygiene practices and the two meter rule.
* Provision of Personal Protective Equipment for all at risk employees, inclusive of training.
* Provision of readily accessible hand sanitizers and washing stations.
* Making available publicsafety literature on awareness and prevention, to all employees as published by the Ministry of Health and WHO
* The Port's Medical Doctor and Industrial Nurse continue to provide additional medical guidance and participation in external joint stakeholder consultations relative to a national response.
* Staggering of work hours in specific areas.
* Limitation of persons in specific areas, including customer service areas.
* Closure of the Gym.
* Regular sanitizing of contact areas, including equipment and transport shuttle.
* Restriction of unnecessary boarding of vessels will be mitigated through the enforcement of communication and transfer of information by electronic means.
* Employees are required to remain at home if exhibiting any flu like symptoms.

The Management of PPOS continues to diligently monitor the outbreak of this virus and shall comply with all national protocols implemented by the Ministry of Health.

Any further updates relative to this issue and its impact to the operations of PPOS, shall be conveyed in writing.

Ricardo Gonzales
2020 March 18