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North Coast Road 11.5km Mark Slope Stabilization Project Successfully Completed!

12 Feb 2020

On Friday 7th February, 2020, Senator the Honourable Rohan Sinanan, Minister of Works and Transport, and technical personnel from the Ministry’s Programme for Upgrading Roads Efficiency Unit visited the North Coast Road 11.5km mark Slope Stabilization Works Project to oversee its successful completion.

This project included:

 * Construction of a thirty five (35) metre long crib lock retaining wall.
Construction of a hundred and ninety four (194) metre long open box drain.
The installation of a turf reinforcement mat to protect slopes from erosion caused by surface run-off.
Construction of forty (40) metre long box drain.
Construction of eighty five (85) metres of kerb and slipper.
Installation of Jersey Barriers

Project Benefits
 * This project will mitigate further damage to surrounding structures.
 * Reinstatement of the roadway.
 * Provides a safe and secured roadway to the Maracas Beach
 * Improvement to the drainage in the area.
 * More cost effective than a traditional retaining wall and a Mechanical Stabilized Earth (MSE) Wall.

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Road Rehabilitation Works Accelerated

10 Jan 2020

Maloney Gardens is the latest stop in the Ministry of Works and Transport’s Road Rehabilitation Programme. 
Minister, Rohan Sinanan says citizens can look out for an increase in the number of paving projects as they traverse the nation’s roads. 

Road rehabilitation works are currently ongoing in the following communities: 

  • Southern Main Road, Otaheite 
  • Ariapita Avenue, Port of Spain 
  • Bellbird Avenue, Maloney 
  • Kingbird Drive, Maloney 
  • Reservoir Hill, Point Fortin 
  • Eight Street, Lopinot/Bon Air West 

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El Socorro Project a Success

08 Jan 2020

On Wednesday night (Wednesday 8th January, 2020) Senator the Honourable Rohan Sinanan, Minister of Works and Transport and a technical team from the Ministry visited the site of an ongoing paving exercise in El Socorro. The project is being spearheaded by the Programme for Upgrading Roads Efficiency Unit.

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Flood Pump System in Port of Spain Successful

11 Dec 2019

On Wednesday 11th December, 2019, Senator the Honourable Rohan Sinanan, Minister of Works and Transport and a technical team from the Ministry, visited the PoS pump site outside the PTSC terminal to see the pump in full operation. The new pump site has greatly aided in the alleviation of flooding outside City Gate, and in PoS in general.

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MOWT Launches Chaguanas Traffic Alleviation Project

20 Aug 2019

The Ministry of Works and Transport successfully completed Phase 1 of The Chaguanas Traffic Alleviation Project in June 2019. The Soogrim Trace Roundabout Project consists of the construction of two box culverts and the construction of a roundabout with four(4) adjoining legs to accomodate traffic on and off Soogrim Trace West, Narsaloo Ramaya Marg Road and the UBH.The key project benefits are as follows: 

  • Alleviation of traffic congestion in and out of town centre, thus reducing the travel time entering and exiting the borough;
  • Improved connectivity between the eastern and western regions of Chaguanas;
  • Alternative access routes for sub urban residents and;
  • Improvement of the infrastructure thus allowing for faster and more efficient travel.


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